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Aligerjous is Love

In a time when the heart of men failed and evil dwelled on earth, and killings increased in the name religion, rabbi and preachers feed themselves and grow fat on the offerings of their sheep, while hunger persists amongst their flocks. The heavens have been provoked with the hatred men shares amongst themselves. The only thing that seems to grow and increase is immorality.

Arzden the son of Edward took it to the heart to create change, he knew that he could not change the whole world, but he chose to start with his little community “Boshen”.

Boshen is a land terrorized by bandits for years, and everyone despised their neighbors despite the enormous religions present.

Boshen experienced a severe famine, and the people prayed and fast, but there was no result. Pigs, cows, and goats were slaughtered for ritual purposes, but yet, the land was still barren.

Arzden had seven siblings, and they were all placed in high positions in the land. The eldest was the commander of the kingdom military, the second was the town physician, and the third son was the wealthiest man in the community. They had control of the military and finances of the land.

Despite all the family fame, Arzden still couldn’t find peace. A day came when Arzden was tired of the corruption, killings, and immorality and he decided to find a better place, where there are peace and love. His eldest brother called him before departing and told him, these words “this is the world we found ourselves in, we cannot change it, rather, we have to adapt, if we try to change it, we become its enemy, and it will waste no time in consuming us from its path." He gave Arzden some money and advised him not to go through South because it is a land filled with cunning and dangerous people.

So, he headed north, for the first time in his life he saw hardship when his money and food got exhausted. The worst befell Arzden when bandits attacked him on a lonely path and made away with his horse, he was far from home, and he couldn't go back, thus, he kept going farther. He reached a land called “Hamil”, and decided to work, in order to generate money. He was paid daily and after 8 months, he had saved enough and he bought another horse, he made friends, because he was a kind man. When his friends asked him if he was going back home, he said no, that he had not found what he came

for, and still chose to go north. He was told not to go north, that there was nothing there but a barren land. He was told that nobody who went there ever returned and only a few have gone through the path.

After hearing such words, he was discouraged and decided to go south, but during his sleep in the night, he had a dream, where he saw a dragon pulling his father towards the north, he chased the dragon, and smite the dragon with a sword, and then he realized that the land was filled with gold and other precious stones, spring water also flowed through the land. After waking up from his dream, he decided to go north. His friends were against his decision, but he persists.

He started his journey the next day and for 3 months he did not see any living person along the path. At the sixth month, Arzden horse died, and he was still lost in the desert. He continued his journey on foot until he got exhausted and couldn't go on anymore. He wrote on a piece of paper and stuck it to the ground which said: " I have made the biggest mistake, there truly lies nothing beyond, the world is what it is."

He accepted his fate that death has come, and he slept. Opening his eyes, he saw himself in a house, and good food kept beside him, he thought to himself, could this be the heaven I have always heard of, but there is no gold, maybe it was an exaggeration.

Then someone entered into the room, seeing he was awake, she went out to call her father. The father came and said; I see you are awake, I am Arstel, and you are? Arzden quickly answered; my name is Arzden. Arstel continued, not so many people are brave to embrace the journey to Kust just as you have done, what could have given you the gut to come here, a place where many never imagined exist. Arzden replied; I came searching for hope. Arstel laughed and said, Hope! You must be a very zealous man. Arstel asked him to come outside.

Arzden was surprised to see people in the town; he saw children playing around, adults talking together and women singing in circles. He was impressed, for the first time in his life; he saw true love amongst brethren. He saw a signboard that said "Aligerjous loves us all." Soon people started coming towards him and greeting him with gifts such as clothes, fruits, and other items. Arzden was overwhelmed with the loved showed towards him, and was interested to know more about these people.

It was almost, midnight and he saw some people setting up mini tents, and bringing in beds from their houses to the tenth. He noticed that some people went in without bolting their doors, or setting up security measures. This was absurd to him because in the 6 lands he has been to, everyone has always been vigilant.

Arstel called Arzden in to get some sleep, but Arzden begged Arstel to stay with him and explain to him why there are so much love and care. Arstel began by saying, most

people feel religion is the problem of today world, but we believe, the teachers are the fault.

All religions desire for the prosperity of mankind, and not just for selected people. Aligerjous made us understand this.

Aligerjous? What’s that about Arzden asked. Arstel replied; Aligerjous religion is a diverse system of thoughts with beliefs spanning Hinduism, Sikhism, Monotheism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Confucianism, Agnosticism, and many other religions. Aligerjous doesn’t claim to better or more supreme to other religions.

Aligerjous do not attach guilt or shame to sexual desire or consensual sexual activity. At the same time, Aligerjous condemns rape, child abuse, thieves, murder, mayhem, lying, bearing false witness.

It’s a religion that believes everyone should come together in peace and willfully have happy lives without causing more pain to each other. Arstel said I think I have said much for today, go and get some sleep.

Arzden couldn’t sleep, he kept thinking, what kind of people are these, there love, kindness, and unity is a thing he has never seen. He could feel the atmosphere of love. Finally, he fell asleep. When he woke up in the morning, he saw everyone gathered together and were receiving teachings from their rabbi. He was teaching them how important it is to give, as the reward to those that give is immeasurable. He sat down along with the crowd, and after the session, everyone departed to their respective homes.

Aligerjous has a myth that when the world was created and man committed the first sin and was sent out of God presence, although God sent man away with anger, still his love went out with them in the form of a small "light" to keep them safe and make them live with love and peace. Unfortunately, this light was trapped by a demon for millions of years, that is why peace has been far from man. Hundreds of years ago, a monk who was on an adventure, came to the hidden cave where this evil sprit dwelled. When he walked in the demon was no where to be found and he saw the small light God sent out to man. This time it was in the form of a human, an unclad beautiful woman who was beyond comprehension. When he saw her, he gave her his cloth for her to cover her body, and he gave her food and water. She thanked him and asked him one question, what do you want most in life, he replied, right now what I want most is for you to be set free from the chains and shackles on you. She replied your wish shall be granted.

The only reason the demon could hold the light captive was that he kept her in a hidden corrupt place, but wherever love grows, she will reign, and because the monk's heart was filled with love, she set herself free. The demon immediately appeared back, but it was too

late because, her light had extended throughout the territory, and when the demon tried to challenge her, the demon was destroyed at an instance.

She went out with the monk; she taught him the secret of love and peace, and the rewards of it all. She departed into the cloud but promised the monk that she will always be there for those who keep to the teaching. Therefore, where there are love and peace, there will always be prosperity.

Arzden lived in Kust for 4 years and he became a rabbi. He had also found the fulfillment he had always wanted. Arzden departed from Kust after four years and on his way back to his home, he stopped at Hamil, and he shared the message with the people, few people believed in Aligerjous and things started becoming great for them, the whole community embraced this new religion, and the land became a successful soil. News got to Arzden hometown of what he was doing with his new religion, and his brother had a great contempt against him because they were devoted Christians.

Finally, Arzden came to his community, but to his brother’s surprise, he had so many followers with him. His brother welcomed him and gave him a district for him and his followers to live. With the lifestyle he and his followers lived, others in the community willing followed.